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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers are our main priority and we try to provide as much information as possible so that you are confident that we are your best choice. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions our customers have:

What’s your money return policy?

We do not return money on services provided, if you do not like our services, let us know while still in our salon and we will modify our service to your satisfaction.

Can I take a picture I like and you duplicate it on my hair?

Yes, we are very good to duplicate pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Google, magazines and other sources but remember not all hair is created equal. While we will get very close to what you are looking for, sometimes the replication won’t be exact as the hair will take the dye in a higher or lower shade from the picture.

Do you provide in-home services?

Of course! You just have to give us a call with enough time to schedule an in-home service and we will be there for you.

Do you offer group discounts for special events?

Absolutely! Again, just make sure that you notify us with enough time so that we can secure resources and manpower.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call or text (512)383-5995 and for appointments with Claudia, please call or text (512)945-4409 or via email to lyzasalon@yahoo.com. You can also complete our contact form when you click HERE

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